What if....

for just a moment, all of humanity joined together to pour our loving energy into our planet? What if as a collective, we decided to take some time to direct our intention and love back to our beautiful earth that has provided for us every survival demand we have placed on her yet? What if, as an approach to "save" our planet, we quit viewing her as a victim, and saw her for what she is... our nurturing, loving home we are so blessed to have. What if we started acknowledging her in our daily lives, beyond the food we eat and the air we so freely breathe?

I propose...

we join together to love her, all in unison at the same moment in history, offering her all the loving energy we have inside of us. Lightworkers, direct your light to her. Sound healers, play her your sound. Reiki masters, send her your loving energy. Those of us who pray, say a prayer for her. People that walk upon her surface, lay down on her and hug her. Whisper kind words to her. Meditate on her vast and glorious abundance. Feel her deep, powerful, magical energy. Feel your heart beat in unison with her rhythm. Realize that everything you touch in this life is of her, of you, of God, of source.

Why I believe this will benefit us all...

Water responds beautifully to kind words, plants & animals thrive when treated well, and people who are loved & connected to others have fuller, richer life experiences. Love helps everything on this earth thrive. If, for just a moment, we take the focus off of the people, the water, the fires, the glaciers, the individual parts of this planet that need immense love & healing and direct our energy to the core of our amazing earth, we may have the power to initiate her own revival - her own claim to mending the damage we see covering this planet. If she feels the love as we feel love from our children, parents, spouses, friends & communities, it could help shift her in a way that could impact how we interact with her for the foreseeable future. 

Join Us

Stay tuned for more information. I will be working with a group of beautiful humans to determine details of the event, including suggestions on how to celebrate our earth together. Have ideas? Reach out! Contact info below.

If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area Wednesday, September 7th and would like to join a kick-off brainstorming session, please RSVP below. 

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