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Personal celebrations encouraged each Solstice and Equinox

Loving Earth is a global event encouraging all people to take a moment to love and appreciate our planet. It is an opportunity for every one of us to show gratitude for the abundant home we share. Personal celebrations are each solstice and equinox, and all are encouraged to practice loving the earth as often as compelled. 


During the celebrations, participants can show love, gratitude and kindness to the earth however they feel called. The intention is to focus on the earth itself, ideally while envisioning the regeneration of life force at the core of the planet. This practice enhances each person participating, as experiencing gratitude and thankfulness for our only home increases awareness of her value and how we are treating her.


There is a special need for energy workers of all kinds to come together and perform impactful ceremonies, ideally treating the earth as if it was their dear client. Solo, small and large scale events are encouraged, but if practitioners have an especially impactful idea or the ability to organize community events, they are strongly encouraged to do so.


Sound healing has a special impact on plants and animals, and we would like to encourage the performance of large-scale sound in outdoor areas abundant with nature. Meditation is also incredibly powerful, and highly effective for regeneration of self and the connection to our planet.


It is also encouraged to be outdoors or surrounded by nature when participating. Connect with nature as much as possible during the celebration.


This event is in its infancy. Please, take in the concept of all people dedicating their energy and intentions toward regenerating the earth, and allow yourself to feel the power in this practice. Consider this concept and meditate on its impact, and what that means for us all.

Information on events coming soon!

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